Tasmanian Seafarers' Memorial

The Memorial

The design chosen for the Tasmanian Seafarers' Memorial has features of significance to local boat builders and users as well as bereaved families. A fish, perhaps the first Christian symbol, gives shape to a low brick wall topped with a sloping cap upon which plaques are affixed.

A central structure representing a boat is surmounted by an anchor cross. A "bollard" of sandstone carries the main naval plaque. A mast with halyards holds the side (navigation) lights.

Map of TriabunnaLocation

The Seafarers' Memorial is at the Esplanade opposite the marina at Triabunna on the state's picturesque East Coast. It is the product of a community working together with fellow Australians to establish a meaningful commemorative structure.


The Tasmanian Seafarers' Memorial was developed with the assistance of local, state and federal governments and many supportive individuals, clubs and businesses. The proposal was originally discussed in 1996 and following construction, was dedicated on Sunday 26th October 1997. The memorial carries plaques in memory of Tasmanian seafarers who have lost their lives at sea and those seafarers, regardless of nationality or profession, who have lost their lives in Tasmanian waters. In 1999 the Spring Bay Professional Fishermen's Memorial was added to the Memorial complex and the Tasmanian Merchant Navy Memorial and Flagstaff were constructed in 2001.

The Committee gratefully acknowledges the following organisations without whose assistance this memorial would not have been possible.

  • Australian Federal Government (through "Their Service - Our Heritage" Commemorative Program)
  • Tasmanian State Government (through the Communities Tasmania Grant Program)
  • Australian Seafood Export Pty Ltd
  • Rotary Club of Spring Bay
  • Lions Club of Spring Bay
  • Glamorgan Spring Bay Council, and the
  • Caring Tasmania Community